Limitations & workarounds

Exceeding the maximum records

Each Skin CMS plan has it's own set of maximum guaranteed records. If you exceed the maximum of records, things might and very likely will break.
Upgrade your package to get more guaranteed records or reach out to us if you already have the plan Business.

Airtable rate limit

A request is made each time a user enter to the virtual tour. Our Core, Freelancer and Business plans have up to 5 users each second.
When a 6th user enters within the same second, the user will receive a 429 status code and needs to wait 30 seconds.
Workaround: To overcome this limitation, a custom caching proxy is needed. Feel free to reach out to us.

Airtable field formatting gets lost

For example with the field formula:
When you format the currency and in formula you have 10,00 $, the value returned by the Airtable is 10.
Workaround: The workaround is to turn the field into plain text, using CONCATENATE() formula.


We have our server on Supabase, guaranteeing 99,99% uptime. If for whatever reason (such as maintenance) we need to take down the server, we will inform at least 7 days before and intent to keep it as short as possible.